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We have digitised our share register and made it accessible via the daura platformThis means that anyone can purchase our digitally securitised participation certificates in the form of SWISSTOKEN directly with just a mouse click.

For this digital securitisation, all information on the participation certificate (e.g. nominal value, transfer history, owner) is stored as a code, or booked. What is revolutionary is that this booking is done via an intelligent consensus mechanism directly via the decentralised network on the internet – the so-called blockchain – and not via a central server of a bank or another large company, which then controls this information and charges fees on it.

The JUNGO SWISSTOKEN is delivered by JUNGO in a simple, fast and inexpensive way, directly and digitally to investors worldwide. No intermediaries (e.g. brokers, advisors & banks) are required for this. Distribution is done directly with a simple mouse click. Investors from all over the world can subscribe, hold and manage the JUNGO SWISSTOKEN just as easily, quickly and even free of charge, directly via the Internet. They can see the value and their share in the company at any time, as well as other important shareholder information (e.g. tax value, next general meeting).


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The topic that concerns us all.
Many people only talk about it.

But we are really doing something about it!

The Task

Technical developments in the field of electromobility are accelerating rapidly. The performance capabilities today already far exceed the possibilities of a few years ago. However, there are still enough disadvantages that hamper the demanding user. Whether it is the range, the payload, fluctuations in low temperatures or the insufficient charging infrastructure, to name but a few. At JUNGO we have solved all these problems for the first time.

Our Solution

Our unique concept is specifically designed for compact utility vehicles. Indeed, in this area, the demands on performance efficiency are particularly high. With our JUNGO 3.0, which was presented in May 2022, we are completely redefining the architecture of future utility vehicles – from propulsion to energy supply to carbon footprint. It is a utility vehicle for all maintenance work in public, commercial and private spaces. For example, it can be used as a sweeper, cleaning or washing vehicle, winter service vehicle or waste transport and collection vehicle.



The whole Year

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Our Success Factors

  • The world’s first electric wheel hub motor all-wheel drive on the market with scalable 48V exchangeable power pack system
  • Unique attachment quick-change system
  • Highly efficient, maintenance-free micro-hydraulics
  • Intelligent vehicle operation and maintenance with cloud connection
  • Scale performance as needed
  • 24/7 operation, no downtime
  • Protection of the charging infrastructure
  • Universally applicable
  • No oil changes
  • No comparable concept on the market: JUNGO 3.0 is more thorough, more efficient, more profitable and more sustainable
  • Several product segments and performance classes can be covered with just one product
  • Production with low complexity 
  • Less expensive than diesel-powered competitor vehicles
  • Vehicles with the lowest carbon footprint throughout their lifetime: from parts sourcing and manufacture at the carbon-neutral production site in Laage, through operation and after-sales service to recycling
  • Highlight: direct and slow charging with renewable energies
  • We are a start-up group with extensive experience in the technology and work vehicle sector
  • We create innovations through decades of industry experience and future-oriented technical skills of the founders and employees
  • The requirements for cleanliness and hygiene are increasing worldwide. The pressure is increased by both, politics and society.
  • Alternative drive concepts, sustainability and CO2 avoidance are decisive purchase criteria
  • Overall concepts consisting of vehicles, attachments, service and “easy-to-use” are more in demand than ever

The JUNGO Group

For more than 30 years, the name JUNGO has stood for competence and innovation in the development and manufacture of innovative work and street cleaning vehicles.

The entire system technology and drive technology incl. energy and battery management as well as microhydraulics are developed and supplied by the Swiss company ELAN Systemtechnik AG. 

Chassis technology, vehicle construction and cleaning technology come from the German company JUNGO TECH GmbH. Together, these two start-ups form the JUNGO Group. 

The production sites are located in Hünenberg in the canton of Zug (Switzerland) and in Laage, near Rostock (Germany).