The new JUNGOJET 3.0

The electric municipal vehicle of the future

With a clear vision and together
with the best engineers in the industry.

Is it true that municipal technology cannot be reinvented? Agreed! But it can be improved and perfected. We can do this by focusing on what is most important – namely the customer benefits and the world of tomorrow. At JUNGO we do this every day. 


At the time, the JUNGOJET 3500 was one of the first purely multifunctional municipal vehicles and wrote a real success story.

The basic principle was later adopted by other manufacturers and today it is impossible to imagine the streets of this world without it. Based on the successful concept of the JUNGOJET 3500 and with new technology, we have developed the electric municipal vehicle of the future – the JUNGOJET 3.0.

Excellent engineering meets the requirements of tomorrow

The technical developments in electromobility are picking up speed at a rapid pace

However, it is well known that electric multifunctional utility vehicles still have serious disadvantages – such as too little or too much work, long charging times, fluctuations at low temperatures, insufficient payload, insufficient efficiency, complex service, high safety measures, excessive operating costs or complicated charging infrastructure.

With the JUNGOJET 3.0, we are presenting a solution to all these problems for the first time on the market.

In the new JUNGO concept, the ideas from the JUNGOJET 3500 have been further developed and perfected with today’s technical possibilities. The result is a fully electric, articulated, compact municipal vehicle that can be used 24/7, has a wide range of applications at the highest level and is outstandingly efficient.

The scalable 48V JUNGO Powerpacks with a quick-change system

The entire electrical system is designed for 48 volts. Depending on the requirements, between one and four JUNGO Powerpacks, each with 15 kW, can be used per vehicle. This makes it possible for the first time to gradually equip a vehicle from 15 to 60 kW within a few minutes. The JUNGO Powerpacks are charged either in the conventional way or with renewable energies – slowly and directly without intermediate storage.


More performance

  • 24/7 availability (important for shift work)
  • Scalable performance
  • Scalable weight
  • Better efficiency
  • Higher payload
  • Permanent, intelligent all-wheel drive
  • Up to 50 km/h driving speed

More sustainability

  • Convenient, practical charging infrastructure
  • Direct charging with renewable energy
  • No overloading of the electrical infrastructure during the charging process
  • More durable, ecological and safe lithium-iron-phosphate battery.

More safety

  • No high-voltage certificate required for maintenance or repair work
  • No construction site protection in the event of an accident

The intelligent electric wheel hub motor
all-wheel drive

Our revolutionary drive system is based on the JUNGO High Efficiency Electric Drive System (JHEED). Each wheel is individually supplied and driven with the power that is currently required. With the innovative electrical eddy current braking system, we achieve the highest recuperation and the best braking result on the market.


More performance

  • Less weight
  • More compact
  • Cost-efficient
  • Cruise control with the finest tuning on the market
  • Freely selectable working speed over full pedal travel
  • Electric eddy current brake with the highest recuperation on the market 

More sustainability

  • Better efficiency than axle drive solutions
  • No particulate emissions when braking
  • No oil change necessary
  • Less tire wear

More safety

  • The ASS (Anti Skid System) is more effective than ABS and traditional differential locks
  • More safety than disc brakes thanks to internal drum brakes
  • More safety and better directional stability on slippery roads
  • Better traction in winter service

The best solution

All year round, always and everywhere.


With its total weight of 3.5 tons, 2 meters high and 1.30 meters wide, a top speed of 50 km/h and articulated steering, the JUNGOJET 3.0 is suitable for all maintenance work on municipal, commercial and private areas. In addition to the classic area of maintaining pedestrian zones, streets and housing estates, the JUNGO concept also covers other areas of application in its multifunctional utility vehicle class, such as company premises, airports, event parks, shopping centers, hospitals, post offices and logistics centers.


Municipalities, service providers and industry benefit from the year-round use and the diverse applications in summer and winter maintenance. Regardless of the weather and the area of application, with the JUNGO attachments you are optimally equipped for all cleaning and maintenance work. The tool quick-change system and the maintenance-free micro-hydraulics, together with the attachments from Jungo, provide the right conditions for year-round use.


Have you ever heard that “A multifunctional municipal vehicle that can do everything can do nothing right”? With the new JUNGOJET 3.0, we’ll show you that this doesn’t have to be the case. We guarantee maximum performance without compromise. The work result corresponds to the same level as with single-purpose vehicles.

Your advantages with the JUNGO
attachment concept

  • Implement quick-change system for tool-free attachment changes in less than 10 minutes
  • No loss of performance despite multifunctionality
  • Maintenance-free and energy-saving micro-hydraulics
  • Attachments can be rolled and stacked when removed
  • No vehicle adaptation required: 100% compatibility of the devices on vehicles already delivered
  • All applications from a single source
  • Concept for short-term equipment rental
It's all about the details

Working and operating comfort at the highest level

The cab and controls correspond to the latest development standards and offer the driver maximum comfort and work safety. 

The JUNGOJET 3.0 is the only fully electric municipal vehicle on the market with a width of 1.30 meters including the 255/65 R16 wide tires and two full-fledged, sprung seats.

If desired, remote maintenance can be carried out at any time via the Jungo app and spare and wear parts can be reordered directly.


The cabin

More ergonomics and safety

  • ROPS-certified lightweight safety cab with laminated glass
  • Generous, comfortable cab with windscreen curved towards the rear, sliding windows and excellent all-round view
  • Unique view of implements
  • Sliding doors enable the vehicle to be driven with them open – ideal for frequently getting in or out of the vehicle
  • Two-seater cab with two high-quality seats featuring suspension and heating with a 3-point belt
  • Intuitive control of all working functions via individual operating panels

Ease of service

So that you can enjoy your JUNGO 3.0 for many years to come

  • 5 year guarantee
  • System replacement instead of troubleshooting on the machine
  • Exceptional corrosion protection
  • No hydraulic interfaces
  • No lubrication points
  • No oil changes

The app

The JUNGO app

Functions for a smooth operation

    • Automatic equipment detection
    • Direct ordering of spare parts
    • Direct customer service in the vehicle
    • Interactive troubleshooting function
    • Remote diagnostics
    • Remote access for maintenance
    • Predictive maintenance
    • Innovative, interactive user manuals
    • Processing of short-term attachment rental

The cleanest municipal vehicle on the market

The JUNGOJET 3.0 is the cleanest and most climate-neutral electric municipal vehicle on the market. It has the lowest carbon footprint throughout its lifecycle: from parts sourcing and manufacturing at its carbon-neutral manufacturing site, to operations, after-sales service and recycling.


Environmentally friendly materials were used right from the construction stage. The comparatively light vehicle consumes less energy than other models and achieves higher efficiency and a larger payload. Charging the JUNGO Powerpacks with renewable energies is unique. Local added value, a long service life and a new type of used vehicle and spare parts concept with focus on recycling round off the carbon footprint.